The Flō solution has proven to be very beneficial for ALDI. Due to the performance, energy savings and air quality throughout our testing, the Flō system is the standard throughout our 21 operating divisions, servicing 32 different states across the U.S.

Aaron Sumida, ALDI – Vice President, Chairman of Energy Committee

Flō Energy Solutions is the only manufacturer of DOAS+ with Adaptive Multi-Path technology for food retail. Especially effective in humid climates where traditional products fall short, multi-path technology adjusts to seasonal and daily climate fluctuations and varying store conditions to maintain the perfect store environment.

What is Adaptive Multi-Path Technology?

Adaptive Multi-Path technology refers to the HVAC management of return and outdoor air streams combined with proprietary control algorithms that automatically provide ideal temperature control and dehumidification levels for sales areas.

What is DOAS+?

DOAS+ synergistically consolidates and augments the functions of dedicated outdoor (DOAS) and recirculation HVAC units.

Why Choose Flō Energy Solutions?

  • Purpose built by grocery retail experts
  • First-cost savings
  • Industry best energy efficiency
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed to provide ideal store environments
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Low-cost maintenance with off-the-shelf parts
  • Long life, built for 20-40 years

Until I discovered Flō I was constantly frustrated with the approach that everyone else in the supermarket industry was taking with regards to humidity control.  They were trying to treat the very unique nature of a Supermarket and the reality of the inter-play of HVAC, Refrigeration, Exhaust, Cooking equipment, etc. with that of the much simpler needs of most other buildings.  I was looking for expertise for “my” buildings, and that’s what I found with Flō.  And it wasn’t just their products,… it was their staff as well.  They brought to the table a distinctive mix of engineers and others that truly understood the unique needs of supermarkets.

Charles R. Zimmerman – retired VP from Walmart

Flō Energy Solutions offers DOAS+, DOAS, and basic units to suit all design needs. Click on the product families below to access more information.

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Modern energy saving technology benefits are maximized by DOAS+ with Adaptive Multi-Path technology. Learn more about technologies to enable electrification, heat pumps, natural refrigerants, and waste heat recovery.