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to decarbonize. to tailor HVAC solutions for food retailers. to enhance customer experience. to optimize energy efficiency. to balance moisture and temperature. to reduce operational costs. to embrace leading edge technology. to dehumidification and climate control.

to decarbonize. to tailor HVAC solutions 
for food retailers.
to enhance customer 
to optimize 
energy efficiency.
to balance moisture 
and temperature.
to reduce 
operational costs.
to embrace leading 
edge technology.
to dehumidification 
and climate control.

High-performance, superior quality HVAC solutions for your food retail environment

HVAC solutions for new construction

HVAC solutions for new construction

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HVAC solutions for existing stores

HVAC solutions for existing stores

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Your HVAC System Matters

For new builds or existing environments, a suboptimal HVAC system is detrimental to food retail stores. Increased operational costs, customer discomfort, compliance headaches – why settle? Discover a better way with Flō Energy Solutions. We engineer tailored solutions that balance energy use, moisture, and climate control. For comfort, efficiency, and profitability, Flō is your path forward.

Our Process

Assess Your Needs

We'll review your current building environment and needs, along with your other mechanical systems, and determine the most effective and efficient code-compliant course of action.

Provide Tailored HVAC Unit

Using our patented Multi-Path Technology, we'll design a tailored HVAC solution that tackles your humidity and temperature needs and meets all local code requirements, while minimizing your energy and operational costs.

Long-term Performance and Energy Optimization

We focus on long-term performance and energy optimization, ensuring your food retail space operates at its best for years to come.

Experience The Flō Difference.

Vision of a Flourishing Future

Imagine a decade from now: your stores are thriving, your customers are happy, and you’re meeting sustainability goals with ease. This is the future Flō makes possible. 

Enhance the Shopping Experience

Create an inviting environment for your customers with our tailored HVAC solutions. Crisp, clear freezer doors. Safe, dry floors. An overall sense of comfort that encourages prolonged visits and repeat business. 

Sustainable Energy Optimization

Right-sizing your HVAC system isn’t just good for comfort – it’s great for your bottom line and the planet. By reducing energy waste, you achieve your goals by saving costs and contributing to a sustainable future. 

Intelligent and Adaptive Solutions

Generic doesn’t cut it in food retail. Our industry-specific technology focuses on dehumidification, ventilation, and decarbonized climate control, so your system is always performing at its peak. 

Proven Expertise

With 25 years of experience, our track record speaks for itself. Our partnerships are long-lasting – proof of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, even after 25 years our first customer is still our customer today!

A Better Way: Enhanced Shopping Experience and Energy Efficiency

At Flō Energy Solutions, we have spent 25 years mastering the art and science of climate control specifically for food retail spaces. We address the complex challenge of maintaining different climates within a single store — from the freezer sections to the bakery and everything in between — we ensure customer-friendly temperatures and humidity control.

By providing targeted, engineered HVAC solutions, we not only enhance your customers’ shopping experience, but also ensure optimal energy efficiency and sustainability.

The result? A retail environment that’s not only desirable for your customers, but also meets your sustainability goals. 

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