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“We’re tinkerers, solvers, fixers, breakers and ‘put-them-back- together-better’ kind of people.”

At Flō we don’t wait for the answers; we go further and find them. If you love taking on big challenges, have an innate ability to turn complex ideas into simple solutions and want to work alongside the most talented colleagues in a culture of innovation, then check out our open roles.

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An Environment of Ingenuity

We’ve spent more than two decades developing solutions for the unique space conditioning challenges of the largest food retailers in North America—testing, evaluating and fine-tuning until we had total conviction in our products’ potential to positively impact the food retail environment. One thing we’ve learned through this process of continuous engineering is that there’s always a way to simplify designs and make something work even better.

This need to create and solve problems that deliver real value is the very crux of our DNA. It’s what drives us toward meaningful progress when it comes to sustainability and it’s the foundation on which we’ve built our three core values.

Our Values

Relentless focus on value creation

We take our work to a higher level, always in search of a better way to manage food retailers’ energy, operations and refrigeration control systems. Our never-ending mission is to create simple technology-driven solutions that save our customers time and money and help climate change.

Do the right thing, no matter what

When designing solutions, we focus on our customers’ interests and what would deliver the most value long-term. Our words always match our actions and our motivation is sincere, stemming from a genuine desire to create a more sustainable grocery shopping experience. If our solution is not right for your application we will simply tell you, backed by data analytics to make the right decisions.

Creating win-win-wins through courageous collaboration

Having established strong partnerships rooted in trust, authenticity and transparency, we consolidate the best technologies from around the globe and cultivate meaningful collaborations with food retailers to solve the industry’s sustainability challenges. Most importantly, the collective ingenuity we have fostered through these valuable partnerships helps our food retail clients achieve their own business profitability and operational goals.