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Food retail environments provide unique HVAC challenges.

As retail brands embrace Flō’s unconventional, forward-thinking approach, a remarkable transformation happens:

First, outdated systems and designs are replaced with modern, intelligent designs.

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sustainability and money savings

Next, inefficient operations transition to maximizing energy performance, reducing long-term operating costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Finally, a shift in mindset from trying to keep up with changing compliance regulations becomes a forward-thinking anticipation of tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Flō is the only manufacturer of DOAS+ Adaptive Multi-Path Technology for food retail. Especially effective in humid climates where traditional HVAC systems fall short, multi-path technology adjusts to climate fluctuations and varying store conditions to maintain the perfect store environment at the best possible energy position.

What is Adaptive Multi-Path Technology?

Adaptive Multi-Path Technology refers to the HVAC management of return and outdoor air streams combined with proprietary control algorithms that automatically provide ideal temperature control and dehumidification levels for the different areas in a store.

Ineffective climate control can turn what should be a comfortable shopping experience into a hurried chore for your customers. More than that, it’s frustrating to feel like you’re settling for a subpar, one-size-fits-ALL generic HVAC system, when a one-size-fits-YOU solution is needed.

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That’s where Flō Energy Solutions outperforms the competition. While other companies might suggest ‘just throw a bigger unit on the roof’, at Flō, we always right-size your HVAC system, which both good for your store and good for your bottom line. Right-sizing is only possible when your HVAC system design incorporates your building’s entire indoor climate ecosystem, and that’s where Flō has cracked the code. 

There is nothing generic about our intelligent Adaptive Multi-Path Technology, and that’s what makes us the perfect strategic partner for food retailers with a growing footprint. Flō tackles the unique climate control challenges specific to food retail environments…and we are exceptional at it.

Our technology is designed specifically for food retail and focuses on dehumidification, ventilation, and decarbonized climate control. This means clear freezer doors, safe and dry floors, and a comfortable shopping environment — all while meeting or exceeding decarbonization benchmarks.