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Canada’s largest retailer provides groceries, apparel, pharmacy products, financial services and more, all under one roof. The company was also one of Flō’s very first clients—a partnership that has grown significantly over 20 years. When they launched their supercenters across Canada they used an early version of Multi-Path HVAC technology to control humidity and reduce energy use while avoiding cost increases.

After seeing how the technology dramatically boosted their operational efficiency and bottom line, Flō expanded into their other retail banners nationally, providing solutions for their supercenters to their discount banner, and more. The mega corporation’s long-term commitment to sustainability has resulted in an incredible industry leading 30 consecutive quarters of energy reduction.

Similarly, Flō was engaged by the world’s biggest retailer as one of their strategic partners on a concept project in Mexico called “lean”. The goal was to reduce total store energy consumption by 30%, a mission that was successfully accomplished. Following this project, the company engaged Flō to apply this proven, innovative concept to new and existing stores across North America and in Mexico to reduce energy use and successfully address humidity issues that had plagued their stores for years.

In the US midwest, a popular family-owned supermarket chain operates a large number of stores in the 200,000 sq ft range, dozens of which faced severe humidity problems, high energy use and uncomfortable zones for shoppers.

To address these issues once and for all, Flō designed units that were the same size and weight as the retailer’s existing ones, so that the replacements could be easily dropped in with no electrical or structural changes required. Flō was able to solve the humidity issues while removing 100 tons of cooling from the sales area alone, improving space comfort.

What’s more, the first two stores were completed within a 10-week turnaround period and a 100% guarantee all their problems would be solved before Flō moved onto the remaining stores.[/col_content][/full_row]