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Case Study

Family-Owned Supermarket Chain in the U.S. Midwest

woman and young boy in family owned grocery store

The Challenge

A U.S. Midwest family-owned supermarket chain with large stores faced significant challenges, including humidity problems, high energy consumption, and shopper discomfort.

The Flō Solution

Flō stepped in with a tailored solution:

  1. HVAC Units: Flō designed HVAC units to match the size and weight of the existing ones, allowing for easy replacement without structural modifications.
  2. Humidity Resolution: Flō’s solution reduced indoor humidity and removed 80-100 tons of cooling from the sales area, enhancing the shopping environment.
  3. Rapid Implementation: The first two stores were completed within 10 weeks, with a 100% issue resolution guarantee before extending the solution to other locations.

Flō’s innovative HVAC solutions transformed the retailer’s approach to climate control, improving operational efficiency, sustainability, and shopper comfort. Flō’s cutting-edge solutions offered unmatched efficiency, cost savings, moisture control, and sustainable decarbonization through measurable energy reductions.