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Case Study

Flō’s Innovative Solution for a Northeastern U.S. Supermarket Chain

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The Challenge

A prominent regional supermarket chain in the northeastern U.S. faced common issues affecting supermarkets: excessive humidity and high energy consumption.

The Flō Solution

Flō tackled these challenges by initially modeling store operations to establish a baseline. They meticulously analyzed years of hourly data and correlated it with actual weather conditions to reveal the store’s operational intricacies.

Flō then implemented a proposed solution, backed by robust engineering analysis. The turning point came when Flō visualized the problem in the boardroom. With a dramatic demonstration involving a full bucket of water, a Flō executive highlighted the root cause of high energy bills – 23 buckets of water entering display cases hourly due to elevated humidity levels.

Typically, removing such moisture demands two to six times more energy with refrigeration, coupled with maintenance hassles. Flō’s innovative system resolved this by eliminating moisture at its source before entering the store ultimately transforming operational efficiency and slashing energy costs for the prominent regional supermarket chain.