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Case Study

Flō’s Unique Approach to Enhancing Dollar Store Grocery Expansion

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The Challenge

Dollar stores, often constructed with budget equipment and contractors lacking supermarket expertise, posed a unique challenge. One prominent bargain retailer sought to venture into groceries with small format stores while maintaining cost neutrality, making efficient humidity control vital.

The Flō Solution

Flō took a novel approach, beginning with store models to identify key areas for improvement. They streamlined systems, reduced capacity, and introduced adaptable HVAC systems tailored to the retailer’s specific food retail needs. Recognizing the lack of grocery experience among the store’s contractors, Flō revolutionized the process by creating an immersive 3D model video, bringing construction plans to life, including control and wiring connections.

To further optimize operations, Flō collaborated with the dollar store’s vendors to assemble a mechanical kit, ensuring consistency, quality, scalability, and speed – essential factors for their rapid expansion success.