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Case Study

Improved HVAC Performance AND Reduced Operational Costs For Large “Supercenter” Food Retailers

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The Challenge

As Canada’s largest retailer expanded its supercenters across the country, it faced the challenge of controlling humidity, cutting energy costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The Flō Solution

Flō’s early Multi-Path HVAC technology provided the solution. The results were transformative:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Multi-Path HVAC technology significantly boosted efficiency and slashed energy consumption, delivering a substantial impact on the company’s profitability.
  2. National Expansion: Impressed by the outcomes, the retailer expanded its collaboration with Flō across its diverse retail banners nationwide, encompassing supercenters and discount banners.
  3. Sustainability Leadership: With a strong commitment to sustainability, the retailer achieved an impressive 36 consecutive quarters of energy reduction, setting industry standards.

Canada’s largest retailer achieved remarkable success through a 25-year partnership with HVAC technology innovator Flō. This demonstrates how Flō’s technology empowered Canada’s largest retailer to achieve operational excellence, save on costs, and lead the way in sustainability.