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Case Study

Leading Retail Drugstore Chain’s Innovative Expansion into Grocery

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The Challenge

Canada’s largest retail drugstore chain, long considered a benchmark for convenience, launched an ambitious expansion into grocery. Recognizing potential humidity control challenges in their plans to create diverse zones and open sales areas within existing spaces, the retailer needed a partner with a proactive solution.

The Flō Solution

Flō’s value proposition proved compelling, as they streamlined and consolidated units, achieving reductions in HVAC unit quantity and capacity. This innovative approach encompassed humidity control, waste heat recovery (a novel concept for drugstores), and a substantial decrease in energy consumption, all while meeting stringent return-on-investment criteria.

The successful implementation of this efficient climate control system not only addressed humidity concerns but also positioned the drugstore chain as an industry leader in creating seamless, diversified retail spaces, demonstrating the power of Flō’s proprietary solutions.