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Case Study

Revolutionizing Efficiency for a Global Discount Grocer

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The Challenge

A renowned international discount grocer, celebrated for its operational excellence, tasked Flō with a critical mission – to enhance operational efficiency while delivering a consistent, comfortable shopping experience across diverse U.S. climates. Maintaining their cherished status as the world’s “leanest” stores hinged on achieving these objectives.

The Flō Solution

Flō introduced its revolutionary DOAS+ Adaptive Multi-Path™ solution, a testament to adaptability and innovation. The partnership began with modeling exercises and progressed to targeted tests in select stores. As success mounted, regional implementation emerged as the next phase. Ultimately, the adaptability and effectiveness of the Flō Multi-Path solution paved the way for a highly successful nationwide rollout, marking a defining moment in the grocer’s quest for peak operational efficiency.  This groundbreaking solution offered unparalleled flexibility, empowering a single type of HVAC unit to perform across various U.S. climate zones. The outcome extended beyond customer comfort; it generated a robust return on investment (ROI) for the grocer.