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Case Study

World’s Largest Retailer

grocery store refrigeration displays

The Challenge

The world’s largest retailer embarked on a “lean” project where its ambitious goal in Mexico was to cut total store energy consumption by approximately 30%. Prior to this project, they had already taken on aggressive energy measures, such as LED lighting retrofits and “close the case” initiatives where they added doors to all their refrigeration display cases. This set a high standard for the baseline. They first gathered a group of global retail executives who then chose to build a team of key strategic partners in HVAC, Refrigeration and lighting to work on a full eco-system, collaborative approach.

The Flō Solution

The retailer tapped into Flō’s expertise in energy modeling and cross functional system expertise to implement this innovative concept, resulting in remarkable reductions in energy usage and the critical resolution of persistent humidity issues Flō’s innovative approach, advanced HVAC technology and over 20 years of supermarket specialization earned them a seat at the table. Project Lean is an example of what can happen when human expertise and technical solutions are leveraged appropriately in the marketplace.