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[full_row][col_content title=”Construction of Dollar Stores”]

The construction of dollar stores is typically performed with ultra-low cost equipment and small contractors with little to no supermarket experience. Flō has taken a unique approach to this category, beginning with store models to identify the issues and opportunities for improvement.[/col_content]

[col_content title=”Unique Approach”]

One bargain retailer in particular is moving aggressively into grocery with their small format stores, and remaining cost neutral was of paramount concern when improving humidity control.

Flō consolidated systems and reduced capacity while providing adaptable HVAC designed to address their unique food retail requirements. Since many of the dollar store’s contractors did not have prior grocery experience, Flō created a 3D model video of the entire installation process, essentially bringing the construction plans to life along with every control and wiring connection.

To further streamline the process, Flō worked with the dollar store’s vendors to assemble a mechanical kit, helping to ensure consistency, quality, scalability and speed critical to the success of their rapid expansion.[/col_content][/full_row]