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[full_row][col_title title=”Are you like us … unabashedly curious, optimistic and relentlessly driven in the pursuit of making the seemingly impossible, possible?  If you are, let’s talk.” /][job_post title=”Sales Account Manager” location=” Remote” file=”1578″]The Sales Account Manager serves as the main point of contact for prospective and existing accounts. Flō’s DOAS+ Adaptive Multi-Path HVAC units (MPU) are unique in how they treat multiple air streams and utilize energy flow between HVAC and Refrigeration systems to optimize the store ecosystem. Flo’s dedication to the retail food store space also serves the ecosystem of end users, consultants, contractors, and technology providers that design, build and commission stores. The overall objective of the Sales Account Manager is to establish and sustain these business relationships to find better ways to optimize Flō’s client store environments and enterprises. The Sales Account Manager will grow MPU sales by gaining new customers and programs using Strategic Selling concepts and sustain long-term account values by migrating Flo up the Buyer-Seller hierarchy as defined by Mille Heiman’s LAMP concept.[/job_post][/full_row]