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There is one food retailer that is consistently voted as the best grocery chain in northeastern US, and people really love shopping and working there.

One of the primary reasons for this is the unique customer experience they offer, with restaurants, open kitchens, chef’s tables and groceries all under one roof. But such a dynamic offering also requires complex HVAC solutions and seamless system integration.

Flō’s expertise in HVAC, refrigeration and controls were put to the test from the very first project working on one test store with the retailer’s in-house engineering, architecture, maintenance, and controls teams.

And the partnership has only grown from there, with Flō providing the equipment for the sales area and eventually—based on a desire for low total cost of ownership—the entire store. The outcome: single source responsibility with a reduction in required cooling capacity and energy to achieve the desired outcomes.[/col_content][/full_row]