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People, Products, Planet, & Profit

Flō’s mission centers on innovating simple solutions for the complex challenges in food retail ecosystems, driven by our belief that there is always A Better Way™. We exist to make food retail environments better for the food they carry, the people they serve, and the planet we live on. We achieve this by focusing on people, products, the planet, and profit. With a long-term perspective and a passion for strong relationships, we believe in crafting 4-P business solutions where everyone wins.


At Flō, we are a company of problem solvers and make-the-box-better innovators. We foster an environment of creativity and believe innovation happens through broad collaboration, forming powerful partnerships. Our people create products that produce an inviting environment for your people [customers] through our tailored HVAC solutions. Crisp, clear freezer doors; safe, dry floors; efficient, optimized systems – all contribute to an overall sense of comfort that encourages prolonged visits and repeat business.


Flō tackles the unique climate control challenges specific to food retail environments … and, after 25 years of specialization, we are exceptional at it. Simply put, our products make other products in the store work better. Flō is the only manufacturer of DOAS+ Adaptive Multi-Path™ Technology for food retail. Especially effective in humid climates where traditional HVAC systems fall short, multi-path technology intelligently adapts to all climates, allowing our system to be placed on any roof, with any load profile, in any climatic region, making prototyping easy – resulting in the perfect store environment at the best possible energy position. Humidity problems solved – guaranteed.


Every person who works at Flō is a steward of their roles, their gifts, and the company as a whole. So why wouldn’t we be good stewards of the planet as well? Good stewardship is good business. Our technology is designed specifically for food retail and focuses on dehumidification, ventilation, and decarbonized climate control while enhancing energy performance. This means clear freezer doors, safe and dry floors, and a comfortable shopping environment — all while sustainably meeting or exceeding decarbonization benchmarks.


Our HVAC technology simplifies rooftop systems, optimizing performance and creating comfortable retail environments that lead to increased profitability for store owners and lower food retail prices for customers.