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Split systems offer all the great features of our packaged roof top series with the added flexibility of a remotely located condensing unit or condenser. This is ultra quiet for urban environments.

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Indoor air handling units are available for design flexibility and with Flō Energy’s unique DOAS+ with adaptable multi-path technology. Choosing AHU units with compressors is ideal for self contained reheating. Chilled water AHUs can be added to new or existing chiller systems for additional cooling capacity.[/col_content][col_content title=”Outdoor Condensing Units (CU)”]

Condensers and condensing units are engineered to be energy efficient, long lasting and easy to install. All condensing units are completely factory assembled, piped, wired and run tested. Condensers are available without compressors for ultra quiet outdoor urban requirements.[/col_content][/full_row]

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