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A regional chain serving markets in northeastern US experienced problems common to supermarkets in a number of their stores: high humidity and energy usage. Flō addressed these challenges by first modeling their store operations to create a baseline, analyzing hourly data captured over a period of years and comparing it to actual weather conditions to show exactly how the store was operating.[/col_content][col_content title=”Proposed Solution”]

Flō then implemented the proposed solution to provide an engineering analysis. The model was conclusive, but it wasn’t until Flō visualized the problem at the boardroom table that the retailer’s team approved the solution.

With a full bucket of water perched on the table a Flō executive explained, “The reason your energy bills are so high is because there are 23 buckets of water going right into your cases every hour as a result of the high humidity.”

Removing that amount of moisture using refrigeration typically requires two to six times more energy than with HVAC, not to mention the maintenance issues associated with refrigerated display cases. The Flō system was able to remove this moisture at the source before ever entering the store.

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