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Replacement Parts FAQs

The nameplate of Flo units have 6 numeric digits in front of the Serial number on the units nameplate (i.e 201705-BXPN28194) which is found on the interior of the controls cabinet door. The first 6 numeric digits represent the year and month that the unit was produced. The compressor warranty is valid for 5 years from this date (subject to warranty certificate terms).

Yes, Flo can assist in reviewing your modification needs and assess if a field modification kit can be provided to alter the existing unit to fit your new needs. Please contact Flo Tech Support at 888-598-1198 Opt. 1 to start the field modification request or email us at techsupport@systemsflo.com.

Yes, Flō accepts all major credit card payments (AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD) for replacement parts. Once you submit a request for parts, our project coordination team will email you a parts quote that includes a contact number that you can call to submit your PO# and credit card information for order processing.

In most cases, pictures of failed components are not required but we strongly encourage you to provide them so that we can ensure that we send you what you need. Specific photos are required when submitting certain warranty claims (i.e. compressor replacements, coil leaks, shipping damage, etc).

The best outline of the information required is on “PT-FOR-01 Flo Parts Request Form” or the “PT-FOR-02 Flo Compresor Warranty Request Form” (if you are looking to replace an in-warranty compressor) which are found in the SELF HELP/PARTS section of this website. To complete a warranty request submission, Flo requires:

1. The unit serial number.
2. A description of the part that need to be replaced.
3. The failure reason of why the part needs to be replaced.
4. Troubleshooting steps that led to condemning the part.
5. The ship to address for the replacement part.

Flo strongly recommends using our troubleshooting documents in this websites self-help library or calling Flo support at 888-598-1198 Opt. 1 if you are unsure on how to troubleshoot a potentially failed component. It is very important to call Flo tech support while you are on-site for troubleshooting assistance.

To submit your request for warranty parts, either call 888-598-1198 opt. 1 or email techsupport@systemsflo.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly recommended to call Flo tech support to submit the claim request while on-site to ensure that we have enough information to complete the claim.

Most parts are shipped out within 3 days of the request, however, some parts have longer lead-times. Should the parts required have a longer lead-time, our coordination team will advise you of anticipated lead-time. We offer a variety of shipping options from overnight shipping to ground shipping.

Our project coordination team will email you with a quote with the parts, shipping and applicable taxes. Once you receive that quote, Flo will require credit card payment to finalize your purchase.

Please use our “PT-FOR-01 Flo Parts Request Form” which is found in the SELF HELP/REPLACEMENT PARTS section of this website and email the completed form to techsupport@systemsflo.com. Alternatively, you can call us at 888-598-1198 Opt. 3.

Yes, if the unit was supplied by Flo (including CES, some Airwise and some AAON units) we are happy to provide you the parts. We will also advise you if the requested parts are within the Flo warranty or outside of Flo’s warranty.